Unveiling the Dutch Bros Straw Code: Fact or Fiction?


Do you want to know whether it is true or not that Dutch Bros Baristas use straw codes to communicate with their customers? Then you are at the right place. Many people think that Dutch Bros’ straw code is real and people get straws according to their looks or what baristas think about them.

 Some people disagree with this that baristas use a straw code system to communicate with their customers. However, according to my research, it is true that Dutch Bros baristas use straw code but it is not active all the time. So let’s start and discuss in detail what a barista wants to say to their customers through the color of straw and when this system is active.

What are the Dutch Bros Straw Colors Meanings?

Customers receive different colors of straw at Dutch Bros and each straw color has a particular meaning. Baristas give compliments to the customers by giving a specific color of straw. The barista tells the customer whether he/she is pretty, looking ugly, average, or looking strange to the barista. There are five colors of straw that Dutch Bros baristas use. Now we will discuss the meaning of each straw color one by one.

Pink Straw

Every time I visit Dutch Bros I hope to get a pink color straw. If you get the pink straw in your coffee it means that the barista thinks you are cute, pretty, or handsome. Many people say that Dutch Bros’ color code is not related to looks it is about how you behave with the barista. So many people also say that if you get a pink straw it means you are nice or pleasant.

Green Straw

This is the straw color that I never wanted to receive in my whole life. If the barista gives you a green color straw it means you are ugly to the barista. Last time my friend Jon received a green color even though he is not ugly so if you get this color, don’t worry, as I already mentioned, the color code is not active all the time.

Orange Straw

If you get the orange straw in your coffee drink from a Dutch Bros barista it means the barista wants to tell you that you are strange, mysterious, or weird. People drink a lot of coffee hoping to get an orange straw in their coffee drink. This is the second color that I happily got from the barista after the pink color straw.

Yellow Straw

If the yellow straw is popping out from your coffee it means the barista thinks that you are an average person or so-so. This traw color is almost neutral. If you get this it might show that the barista is unable to decide whether you are a nice and pretty person or ugly.

Blue Straw

If you get blue straw in your coffee drink it shows that you are a rude person. This might be a warning from Barista. If your behavior is not good or you do not communicate well with the barista you may be given a blue color straw in your coffee.

Where Did the Straw Code Originate?

Some people think it was started by Dutch Bros baristas to give their feedback or complement the customer’s looks, behavior, or personality. No one really knows where this color code system originated. Some people think it is just a rumor and according to some people, it exists naturally and was started by Dutch Bros for marketing as people make their videos and publish them on the the internet.


These people even social media stars share their videos with straws while drinking Dutch Bros coffee. These stars have a lot of fan following. When people see they also want to try Dutch Bros coffee hopping to get a pink straw. In this way, Dutch Bros gets a lot of customers which is why I think that Dutch Bros baristas use the straw color code system but, there is no official confirmation by Dutch Bros to use this system.

The Dutch Bros Straw Code: Fact or Fiction?

Dutch Bros traw code is real and it is not fiction but there is a catch it is not active all the time. A Dutch Bros barista confirmed that they use this system but only when they are free or there is less rush at Dutch Bros. She said that most of the time when they are busy they don’t use this color code and give the customer any straw that comes first in their hand.

Social Media’s Role in Spreading the Dutch Bros Straw Code

Whether the straw code is real or not social media has the main role in spreading this system. People get coffee from Dutch Bros make their videos and publish them on the internet. Other people see it and they also try this and if they get a pink or orange straw they also happily make videos and publish them on their social media accounts and this cycle goes on. In this way, this Dutch Bros straw code system becoming popular day by day.

Inconsistencies in the Straw Code Application

Baristas at Dutch Bros are very busy in their hectic routines because of a lot of customers that why they can’t apply this straw color code all the time. This is the reason for inconsistencies in the application of this system. When baristas are free or there is less rush they use this system to communicate with customers.


In this article, we have discussed that the Dutch Bros straw code system is real and it is not active at all times. We further discussed that what are the meanings of different colors of straws at Dutch Bros, where they originated, and how it is spread all over the world. I hope you liked this article and if you have any questions you can ask.


Are Baristas Involved in Dutch Bros Straw Code?

Yes, baristas are involved in the straw code system but only when they have free time.

What do the Straws Mean at Dutch Bros?

Each straw at Dutch Bros has a specific meaning that baristas use to complement their customers’ looks, personalities, and behaviors.

Is Dutch Bros a Texas Thing?

Nope, Dutch Bros isn’t just a Texas thing, though they do have locations there. It’s a coffee chain found across the US, starting in Oregon.

Why is Dutch Bros Better?

Dutch Bros is better because of its smoother coffee drinks, friendly baristas, and cheap prices.

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